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Click the title below for the installation instruction set you require.

Please refer to your WebStore order history for codes, license files, license server details or other required information.



Abaqus 2023 Teaching

Abaqus 2023 Research

Guide to Renewing the Adobe Enterprise License

Guide to Adobe Enterprise Login and Product Installation

Basic Troubleshooting for Adobe

First Steps for Adobe Applications

Advanced Troubleshooting for Adobe

Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Cloud Storage Assets

Adobe Package Updates

Adobe Captivate 12

Adobe Stock

Amos 29

Ansys Mech 2020 R1

Ansys Mech 2022 R1

Ansys Mech 2023 R1

Ansys EM 2020 R1

Ansys EM 2022 R1

Ansys EM 2023 R1

Ansys Motor CAD 2023 R1

Ansys Motor CAD 2022 R1

ATLAS.ti 23

Autodesk 2013

Autodesk 2021

Autodesk 2023

Chemcad 8.1

ChemOffice 22

Citrix Virtual App for Students

COMSOL Multiphysics 6.1

Code42 CrashPlan

PTC Creo 7

Endnote 21

E-prime 3.0


ERDAS Imagine 18 Concurrent

ERDAS Imagine 18 Student

ESRI ArcGIS Desktop, Faculty Staff 10.8.1

ESRI ArcGIS Desktop, Student 10.8.1

ESRI ArcGIS Pro 3.0

ESRI ArcGIS Online Single Sign On


FastX version 3

Fetch 5.8

FileMaker Pro Advanced 20

Finding the host id

Igor Pro 8.0 for Windows

Igor Pro 9.0

JMP Pro 17 from SAS

JMP Pro 16 from SAS

JMP Genomics from SAS

LabVIEW 2023 Q1 Instruction

LabVIEW 2023 Q1 Research

LabVIEW Spring 2021 Instruction

LabVIEW Spring 2020 Instruction

LabVIEW 2023 Q1 Research

LabVIEW Spring 2020 Research


Mathematica 12.0, Faculty-Staff, Student

Mathematica Faculty-Staff, Student

Logging into Mathematica Online

Matlab 2024a (concurrent)

Matlab Designated Computer (Group)

Activating Matlab Concurrent License from an existing install

Microsoft Lync for Mac

Minitab 21

Minitab Education Hub

Minitab Companion 5.2

NVivo 14

NVivo 13

Office 365 All Campuses

Office 365 UIUC

Office 2013 (KMS Activation) for University Computers

Office 2016 Mac for University Computers

Office 2016 Windows for University Computers

Origin Pro 2023

Reference Manager 12

Remote Desktop Manager

SAP2000 v23

SAS 9.4

SAS Content Categorization Studio

Sassafrass Key Access Client

Secure CRT and Secure FX 8.0

SigmaPlot 14

SigmaPlot 15

Sketch for Mac

Sketchup 2023

Skype for Business/Lync 2016

SolidWorks Professional Administration 2023

SolidWorks Education Premium 2023



Updating SPSS

Systat 13

Tecplot 2021r1

Tecplot 2022r2

VPN Required for License and Configuration

Windows 7 Enterprise (KMS Activation) for University computers

Windows 10 Education for Students

Windows 11 Education for Students