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Adobe Stock for U of I customers




Adobe Standard Stock is now included with University of Illinois subscribers to Adobe Creative Cloud. This provides unlimited access to Adobe's standard stock assets, including nearly two hundred million photos, vector graphics, and illustrations, which can be used in presentations, reports, videos, websites, and other creative work.


Key Features:


Unlimited access to Adobe Stock’s “standard content” includes most photos, vector graphics, and illustrations. Additionally, Adobe has made a limited number of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and motion graphics templates available to download for free. Most video, templates, 3-D models, and Audio are available for purchase as “Premium Assets” and although premium assets are not available to UI customers as a part of their subscription, they can purchase premium assets with credits through a personal plan.




To help navigate the millions of assets and find the right one for a project, Adobe Stock includes advanced search and filtering capabilities, including visual search that searches for images like one a user uploads; filters that sort based on elements like depth of field or whether an image has room to add copy or other elements; and artificial intelligence algorithms that apply search terms to individual aesthetic elements found in an image. For more, see Adobe Stock Search Tips .


Integration with Other Apps


Adobe Stock is fully integrated into native Adobe Creative Cloud applications, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premiere Pro, among others. In those applications, you can search and license Adobe Stock assets from within the application. You can also enable Adobe Stock integrations for Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides.


How to Get Started:


Go to stock.adobe.com.

Login with your University credentials.

Search for content. If you are browsing, be advised there are unlimited standard assets in the photos, illustrations, and vectors categories but not in Audio or Premium categories. You may find limited free assets in other categories. You can also use the Search function as described above. When you hover over an asset, if it has a blue License option that appears, you can save it to your Library to use, or download a preview of it.

License and download the asset for use in your work by choosing License.

Any asset that has a cart icon next to it is not available as a Standard Stock Asset and will need to be paid for in credits with a personal Adobe Stock account (not through your U of I Enterprise account).


Licensing and Usage information


Most assets licensed and downloaded from Adobe Stock through UI’s Adobe agreement come with an Education License, which allows faculty, staff, and students to use, reproduce, archive, modify and display the asset for purposes related to their professional, academic, and course work at the university, including use in marketing and promotional materials, presentations, decorations, and digital productions that benefit the organization. Assets licensed under UI's agreement with Adobe should not be used for other purposes, such as for personal financial gain. See more about the Adobe Stock Education License . When you search for assets on the Adobe Stock website, you will be able to see the license that applies.

Attribution is required for any image used in an editorial manner (that is, in connection with newsworthy or cultural events, such as use in a newspaper, magazine, newsletter, press release, or similar media). Attribution is generally not required for other uses of assets licensed with the Education License; however, some images are licensed for editorial use only, and thus require attribution. Make sure to note which license applies when using images.

Presentations, course web sites, course material, projects, and the like would not be considered editorial use and thus do not require attribution. However, follow the guidelines of your instructors and if in doubt, always attribute.

Whether you are required or choose to attribute based on the factors here, Adobe recommends the following attribution format: Author Name - stock.adobe.com. The author or contributor name is listed with each asset.

Once a standard asset is licensed, it may be used by any member of the U of I Enterprise account while they have an active subscription. Once their subscription expires or they leave the university, they may NOT continue to use that licensed asset for new projects. However, assets within projects that were created during a member’s active subscription period will continue to keep a valid license.



Product Specific Licensing Terms for Adobe Stock


To read more about the Licensing and terms of Adobe Stock, we have included a link to the legal document here. PSLT-Stock-WW-2022v1.pdf (adobe.com).

Enjoy Adobe Stock and know that it is your responsibility to understand the terms before incorporating Adobe Stock into your academic work.


Read more about General Restrictions applicable to all Stock Assets:


The following use cases are not permitted.

·         Use any Adobe Stock asset in a way that a reasonable person could consider unflattering, immoral, or controversial; or (2) incorporate any Adobe Stock asset into merchandise or template files intended for sale or distribution unless the End Use is an original work of authorship.

·         Incorporate any Adobe Stock asset that comes with a standard license into an End Use that is printed or viewed more than 500,000 times (excluding web and mobile displays).

·         Attempt to circumvent technical limitations Adobe may impose on downloading, exporting, or sharing of Adobe Stock assets that come w within authorized Adobe Products and Services,

·         Use a Stock Asset in a way that allows a third party to use, download, extract, or access the Stock Asset as a stand-alone file, or in a way that exceeds the scope of this license to the Stock Asset.

·         Take any action in connection with a Stock Asset that infringes the intellectual property or otherwise violates any third-party rights, including without limitation the moral rights of the creator of the Stock Asset and the rights of any person who, or any person whose property, appears in the Stock Asset.

·         Register, or apply to register, a trademark, design mark, service mark, sound mark, or tradename, which uses a Stock Asset (in whole or in part); or claim ownership rights to prevent a third party from using a Stock Asset.

·         Use a Stock Asset in a manner that is pornographic or defamatory, or that violates any applicable laws, rules, or regulations.

·         Use a Stock Asset in a way that depicts models or property in connection with a subject that would be unflattering or controversial to a reasonable person, including but not limited to use in a way that implies mental or physical illness or impairment without indicating that the content is being used for illustrative purposes only and any person depicted in the content is a model (e.g., “Stock photo - posed by model”), except no disclaimer is required for Editorial Works (as defined below) used in compliance with this PSLT;

·         Give any express or implied misrepresentation that Customer or another third party is the creator or copyright holder of any Stock Asset; or

·         Use (or allow third parties to use) the Adobe Stock On-demand Services (or any content, data, output, or other information received or derived from the Adobe Stock On-demand Services, such as Stock Assets) to create directly or indirectly, train, test, or otherwise improve any machine learning.



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