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1.                  Navigate to

2.                  Choose University of Illinois under Enterprise sign in.


3.      You should be redirected to your Campus Shibboleth page.  Use your netid and your AD password (The same password you use to get into your Campus email).  ESRI will automatically add you to the University’s subscription as an ESRI Online Enterprise user and assign licenses.  Should you find any missing please fill out this form to have them added.




5.      After you have created your new ESRI ArcGIS Online Enterprise account, and you have items in your old account, you will find that none of your items are available from this new account.  In that case, follow these instructions to copy the content from your old ESRI ArcGIS Online account to your new ESRI ArcGIS Online Enterprise account.  IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ITEMS IN YOUR OLD ACCOUNT, YOU DO NOT NEED TO TRANSFER ITEMS.


6.      Navigate to


7.      Choose ESRI login



8.      Use your old ESRI ArcGIS Online username and password. Click Sign In.



9.      Click on ‘I want to’ then Copy Content. To see a list of your items click on ‘Root’ in the blue bar.



10.   Choose Another account.



11.   Click Log in.


12.  Click on Enterprise login.



13.   Type ‘univofillinois’ into the text box as shown below.  Click Continue.



14.  Click University of Illinois.



15.   Choose your new ESRI ArcGIS Online Enterprise account.  If you do not see one, please return to the top of this page and follow instructions for ESRI Single Sign On.  After signing in you should see your accounts side by side.  Click on ‘Root’ on the left if you do not see your items.  Click and drag items over as you wish.



16.  When the item turns green it has finished copying.  You may log out at any time and the next time you log into ESRI Online with your new ESRI ArcGIS Online Enterprise account, all the items you have moved should now be there.



17.   You have completed ESRI Single Sign On.