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JMP Pro 17 Installation Instructions








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1.    Download the JMP Pro 17 .exe file along with the license file for version 17 from your WebStore Order.



2.    Double click setup.exe. The installer will take you through the setup process. Choose your destination location. Accept the default location unless you know what you are doing.



3.    Select the features you would like to install and click on Next.



4.    Click on Install.



5.    The installation will begin and may take a few minutes.



6.    Click on Finish and open JMP Pro.



7.    The first time you open JMP Pro, you will see the following screen. Select Open License and navigate to the license file you downloaded.



8.    Do not fill anything on this page. Click on OK.



9.    JMP Pro will prompt you to save a JMP.per file. Select an installation location and click on Save.



10. Click on OK.



11. Click on Wait to Register. You will not need to register this software.



12. You are now ready to use JMP Pro for Windows.


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1.    This offer is distributed via .dmg file. Besides this, you will also need the license file. Double click the .dmg file to open it.



2.    A window will automatically open. Double click on JMP Pro XX.pkg.





3.    Click OK to give the Installer access to your files.


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4.    The installer will pop up. Click on Continue.





5.    Click on Continue to allow the Installation Type.



6.    Select your installation location and click on Install.



7.    The installation will begin.




8.    You will get a confirmation of successful installation. Click on Close and open JMP.



9.    When you first open JMP, you will see the following screen. Click on Open License.



10. Navigate to your license file and click on Choose.



11. Do not enter anything on this screen. Click on OK.



12. You will get a confirmation that your license is accepted.


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13. You are not required to register for JMP. You can select the option to wait.




You are now ready to use JMP for Mac.