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Minitab 21 Installation Instructions






         This software requires additional registration. Please fill out the activation form linked on your order so that we can register you for the Minitab subscription.




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1.     Double click on the .exe file you downloaded from the Webstore.






2.     Select an installation language and click Next






3.     Click Next.







4.     Accept the license agreement and click Next.







5.     Select Activate with a license and click Next.







6.     Select Sign In.







7.     Select a destination folder and click Next.







8.     Click Install.






9.     The installation will begin and may take several minutes.







10. Click Finish.










11. When you launch Minitab, you will be prompted to sign in to the License Portal. Enter your university email address in the field







12. You will be redirected to your campusís SSO authentication gateway. Select your campus from the list.







13. Sign in with your U of I credentials and complete 2-factor authentication.







You are now ready to use Minitab 21.

Problems with your installation? Before emailing us at, check to make sure you have sent in the registration form to activate your subscription.