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SPSS Amos 29



Description automatically generated Windows


1.    Download the .exe file from your WebStore order history.






2.    Click on the .exe to start the install process.  Click Next.



3.    Accept the license agreement and click Next.



4.    Select an installation directory and click Next.



5.    Click Install. The install will take several minutes to complete.



6.    Click Finish.



7.    After installation, you will need to navigate to an application called Amos License Authorization Wizard.



8.    The following screen will appear when the application is launched. Click Next.



9.    Select Authorized user license and click Next.



10. Enter the code that is provided to you upon purchase. It will be in your Webstore order history. Click Next.



11. Click Next.



12. Click Finish.



You are now ready to use SPSS Amos for Windows.