OriginPro 9.1 Installation Instructions

  1. Double click on the .exe file you downloaded from the U of I WebStore.

  2. You will see a start up screen.

  3. The installation will be prepared.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Accept the license agreement by clicking on Yes.

  6. Select Install Product (requires serial number) and click on Next.

  7. Enter your name, University of Illinois and the serial number and click on Next. The serial number was provided to you when you purchased the software. You can retrieve this number by logging into the WebStore and clicking on Order History. Find this offer on your list and click on the order number.

  8. Confirm the registration information and click on Yes.

  9. Click on Next.

  10. Select if you wish to install 32-bit, 64-bit or both.

  11. Select a destination location and click on Next.

  12. Click Yes to create the required directory.

  13. Select the features you wish to install and click on Next.

  14. Select the users (on your computer) who can use this software and click on Next.

  15. Select which program folder you would like this software to appear under and click on Next.

  16. Click Next to start copying files.

  17. The installation will begin and take several minutes.

  18. The installation is complete. Click on Finish.

  19. The folder in Programs > OriginLab > Origin 9.1 will automatically open. You may close this folder.

  20. Select which folder you want your files stored in and click on OK.

  21. Click Yes to create this folder.

  22. OriginPro 9.1 will open

  23. Select Get a license file online now. This computer has internet access and click on OK.

  24. Click OK.

  25. Your default web browser will open and take you to Origin Lab's web page. Login with an existing account if you have one. If you do not, you can create a new account.
    PLEASE NOTE: You must use your @illinois.edu, @uis.edu, or @uic.edu email account when registering for an account with Origin. Failure to do so will result in you receiving the following error message.

    "We are sorry, but your OriginLab web membership account does not have access to license files for this serial number. Please contact your company's software manager in charge of Origin distribution, or email: RegInfo@OriginLab.com"

  26. You may or not see the below window. If you do, enter the Access Code, which you can find under your Order History after you login, and your email address. Remember, you need to enter your University account to license this product.

  27. License file information will be displayed. Copy and paste this into the window you see in step 27 and click on OK.

  28. Paste the information above into this window and click on OK.

  29. OriginPro 9.1 is now licensed for you computer. Click on OK.

  30. You are now ready to use OriginPro 9.1.